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BAC should be certified in the Asia as a Botanical Disinfectant in 2021.

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PreVasive BAC Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner

Made with botanical ingredients, BAC – Botanical Antimicrobial cleaner will stop odor causing bacteria & prevent mold. Perfect for mold remediation projects, neutralizing odor leaving no harmful residue. Non-corrosive, non-staining, made in the USA, ready to use formula. .

PreVasive BAC Hand Sanitizer

Due to COVID 19, PreVasive had many requests from the hospitals, health workers, and first responders we already serve –to create a true pharmaceutical grade hand sanitizer (natural hand sanitizer for covid19 )!

PreVasive BIGSHOT Maxim – Concentrate.

The world's first Organically Grown Botanical Mosquito and Agricultural Pest Control solution that really works! Provides residuals greater than 21 - 30 days even throughout rainy cycles.

PreVasive Botanical HP – Ready To Use –

Botanical HP cleans moss, mold, and mildew growth and the spores that cause re-growth fast. Cleans wood, paint, concrete, masonry, and plastic. Deep cleans outdoors with instant results.

PreVasive Enzymatic Odor Eliminator – Concentrate.

Multi-functional at its best. Consume is a cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and drain maintainer. It naturally removes difficult organic soils from many surfaces including tile, concrete, steel, and carpet

PreVasive Oxy Orange – Concentrate.

Description Oxy Orange – Covid Industrial Cleaner Certified Green – Green Clean Institute- Industrial Disinfectant Concentrate..

PreVasive Wasp™ – Mold Resistant Sealant – Ready To Use

Ready-to-use, Wasp™ surface anti-mold and antimicrobial sealer made in the US, 25(b) safe ingredients according to EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) federal insecticide.

PreVasive Bed Bug Botanical Defense – Ready To Use.

Bed Bug Botanical Defense kills Bed Bugs, spiders, ticks, lice, dust mites, mosquito larva and many more pests. Safe to use around children and pets having a pleasant botanical scent.

PreVasive Rizosphere AG Plant And Soil Builder.

Plant and soil builder with broad spectrum protection made from lactating dairy cow manure using a multi-stage fermentation process to extract the essentials from the manure. .

PreVasive Heavy Duty Cleaner- All-Purpose Cleaner – Concentrate

PreVasive Heavy Duty Cleaner ( Earth Friendly Cleaner). A plant based blend of surfactants and wetting agents D-Limonene and Thyme.

PreVasive Wetting Agent (PWA)

It provides powerful wetting(Wetting Agent Abestos Removal), penetrating and coalescing of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) to permit handling and removal of these materials under damp, dust-free conditions.

PreVasive BIGSHOT Natural Mosquito, Tick, And Gnat Repellent

BIGSHOT Natural Mosquito, Tick, and Gnat Repellant Organically Grown in the US, Botanical Environmental Mosquito Control Safest Repellent On The Planet – Skin Soft Formulation Safe around Pets, Kids and Gardens – Deet Free!